How enterprises shift to
the remote-first approach

December 2020 – 4 minutes read

How enterprises shift to the remote-first approach

December 2020

4 minutes read

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For most, 2020 was about making do with short-term solutions. Now is our opportunity to think about the long term, as the future is beginning to look a little brighter and we’re all seeing a glimpse of certainty.

It’s widely recognised that the ‘new normal’ will include a significant rise in numbers of people working remotely on a regular basis, and yet most IT strategies are set up with the mindset that most employees will work in an office the majority of the time – and that is a huge problem. Adopting a remote-first IT strategy will now be critical to adapt to this new normal quickly and successfully. Sounds easy, right? Not so when resources are already stretched. Those responsible for making your enterprise remote-first will naturally wonder how they’re going to pull it off.

At Xcession we’ve created a guide explaining the unique and proven system we’ve developed for organisations shifting to remote-first. This is based on our first-hand experience of working with enterprises and industry best practice.

Gain insight into:

  • conducting a thorough, expert reassessment of your organisation’s preparedness for the remote-first workforce

  • whether it is necessary to overhaul your IT and other policies

  • monitor and manage employees well being

  • why you need to upgrade your knowledge base

  • how you build in fast, effective use of knowledgethrough self-service and the deployment of chatbots

  • how you use AI to spot trends and pre-empt problems

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