Xcession TV

Xcession TV

Xcession, being vendor neutral, has a wealth of real-world experience working with, implementing and supporting a variety of leading ITSM solutions

Our aim with Xcession TV is to give you a fully independent viewpoint on the various solutions available, through reviews, vendor interviews and more, with open, transparent and jargon free discussion. Leaving you better informed when it comes to decision time.

We understand that ultimately, it’s up to you to make the right decision for your business and service management objectives, however, you know that ITSM solutions are a significant and long-term investment, so being as informed as possible is crucial.

Our ITSM Assessment service is available to assist organisations link business value, user experience, positive impact and improved outcomes to toolset decisions. Get in touch to find out more.

Vendor Interview Series

Our aim in this series, following our review of the solutions themselves, is to talk with the vendors and get their viewpoint on their solution, understand their views on the ITSM marketspace in general, learn about developments and ‘what’s on the roadmap’ and more…

Xcession talks with Efecte

Xcession interviews ServiceNow

Xcession interviews Sunrise

Xcession interviews Fresh

Xcession interviews BMC

Xcession interviews Atlassian

Xcession interviews 4me

ITSM Review Series

In this review series we aim to give some of our insights on each of the solutions that we currently work with, focussing solely on the pro’s (there are no con’s) along with our thoughts on who each toolset might benefit most, helping you make an informed choice when it comes time to assess your ITSM commitment.

Xcession reviews Jira Service Management – aired 9th Nov 2023

Xcession reviews Freshworks – aired 26th Oct 2023

Xcession reviews 4me – aired 12th Oct 2023

Xcession reviews BMC – aired 28th Sept 2023

Xcession reviews ServiceNow – aired 14th Sept 2023

Service Management Insights

Here we share our views on why having a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental aspects of your service delivery function are important and highlight the benefits and outcomes these deliver!

Xcession – We talk with some of the team about ServiceNow Next Gen

Xcession talks with SCC around all things ESM

Working with Xcession

Xcession – Service Management Maturity Assessment


Selection of short videos showing various toolsets and some of the useful and clever things you can do with them.

Atlassian Intelligence with Jira Service Management

Creating Automation Rules in Jira Service Management