How to improve ITSM efficiency through automation

4 minutes read

Get our free ITSM automation how-to guide which is packed with guidelines, advice, and useful aids to ensure you have the basic requirements for successful ITSM implementation. Learn how to select tools, avoid common mistakes, and assess your success [...]

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Making lists and having a laugh: Getting through lockdown

15 minutes read

I think it goes without saying that we are all dealing with changes during this period of lockdown. Changes to how we work, our home life, how we interact with people outside of our household, how we parent and school our children, how we run a household,[...]

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My positive thoughts during the Coronavirus pandemic

8 minutes read

I’m sitting here looking out of the window while writing this and everything seems so very normal. The birds are chirping, a sea of yellow daffodils are waving in the wind and the sun is still shining at 8pm. Spring is certainly here, but not like we’ve ever experienced before.[...]

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Are your ITSM users getting dizzy from “Swivel Chair” syndrome?

4 minutes read

I wanted to start this blog with a few questions for you: Are your ITSM users getting dizzy from “Swivel Chair” syndrome? Have you come across “Swivel Chair” practices in your own organisation?[...]

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