Why being vendor-neutral resolves ITSM tool implementation cost problems

Many enterprises are still likely taking hits from the cost of unnecessary licenses & inflated fees for implementation services which fail to deliver the gains promised from ITSM software. But how do you avoid it?

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Xcession Ltd approved ITSM suppliers for Ireland’s National Education & Research Network

Xcession Ltd is pleased to announce that following a successful application, are now approved ITSM suppliers for Ireland’s National Education and Research Network (HEAnet).

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Xcession Ltd is successful in Digital Outcomes and Specialists 5 framework application

Xcession Ltd is delighted to announce that following a successful application, its services are now available through the UK Government’s latest Digital Marketplace framework, Digital Outcomes and Specialists 5 (DOS-5)

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ITSM Predictions for 2021: End-user experience, automation and self-service eBook

What does 2021 hold for enterprise IT? Will it be dominated by the continued impact of Covid-19 and the shift to remote-working? What do the 12 months hold for ITSM Professionals? Will more long-standing trends re-emerge as businesses adapt to advancing automation, or will a global recession stymie the advance of the digital workflow? Our team of experts offer their top six predictions, based on their own extensive experience.

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The more systems that customers have, the more likely they are to be disenchanted with implementers

New research shows customers with more than one ITSM system are less likely to trust the IT service management consultants and implementers they have done business with.

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Avoid the double whammy of high costs and ineffective implementation in ITSM

IT efficiency remains a major objective for enterprises in every sector, all too-frequently undermined by costly or ineffectual implementation of ITSM solutions. Yet ITSM is critical to the future. By Mark Twomey, CEO, Xcession.

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Objective expertise injects resilience and sustainability into IT service management

At a time when so many enterprises are rightly focused on the bottom line and all the challenges generated by the pandemic, there is an urgent imperative to do more with less – especially in IT.

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How enterprises shift to the remote-first approach

Based on our first-hand experience of working with enterprises and industry best practice, our new guide explains the unique and proven system we’ve developed for organisations shifting to remote-first.

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